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OUR Mission

The Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON) is charged with the duty of regulating, controlling, managing and administration of Printers, the business of printing and other printing related matters in Nigeria.
As the regulator of the Nigerian print industry, this strategic framework is the working document of the Industry from 2019 -2021.

The Governing council of the Institute set out to change the narratives of the Nigerian industry by institutionalizing integrity into the practice of the profession and hopefully changes the perception of the public.

This working document is an overview of our strategic plan and direction for the industry. Our goal is to turn the industry into a printing business ecosystem where like the natural ecosystem, every cluster group and association that existed will be accommodated and turned into a structured regulated system of community governed by rules.

We hope to facilitate an atmosphere for interaction, collaboration, resource sharing, competition and an avenue to collectively fight and curtail external aggression. The business ecosystem will allow every group to co-evolve, whereby every member must not only aggressively further their own interest but also promote the overall health and survival of the ecosystem.