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Throwback Thursday Institutional Integrity

Does anyone remember our 2019 to 2023 strategic frameworks? We did roll this out and institutional integrity stood out on top, this was to reform a shapeless and directionless industry where little or no regard was accorded Rules or fair play.


On top of this Strategic framework is institutional integrity which cannot be achieved without accountability, all round merit and professional ethical behaviours. Your council is still determined to “live up to” and lead by example always. Accountability to creator and to one another.


Let’s not go back to how we met the institute, mo0nies not accounted for, account never presented at any AGM which we changed with a strong view of defining and acting within a strong code of ethical conduct and extreme positive values that will ensure no tolerance for actions, or activities by both leadership and members that will deviate from this ethical code. Mind you the status quo was No AGM in years, talk less of presenting the institutes audited account to the members.


Enough we thought of anyone who sees themselves above the ACT, ensuring a level playing ground where NO ONE will use the instrument of ACT in “high places” to amass our joint inheritance to a few…


Things are to take shape gradually but where what you “think” will subside for what it really should be, for the benefit of every stakeholder ONLY


From those who studied printing to those to who learnt by apprenticeship or skill acquisition and even investors, to all involved in any part of the value chain of printing, equity is to be the gains from this instrument to all. Institutional integrity was to make a mess of the words of Gorge Owens, “all animal is equal but some are more equal than the other”


With this throwback Thursday we want to ask ourselves “How have we fared?”

Can we use the unfolding event to test how we are doing ? Do we have an industry that is built on institutional integrity yet? Will the industry stand for the truth, fairness and equity?


Only TIME will tell!


                                                                                                                      Say NO to Illegal election

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Yesterday we witnessed a charade , an anomaly that  as members of this great  institute, we should all be ashamed of and everyone with human decency should dissociate from .
We witnessed  a charade , the “ suspension “ of the ACT that established the Institute, that some of us are laboring to bring at per with other internationally recognized Institutions , reduced to the whims and caprices of charlatans.
We witnessed the throwing away of  everything called decorum , how can I explain / grapple with the following in a civilized world?

  • An individual was granted the “ absolute power “ to do what he likes without recourse to the ACT that es-tablished the Institute?  Does even the Minister have such power in the ACT?
  • Where does he derive the power to “ organize a delegate election “ and decided to include “people across  the country “ without regards to whether they are registered members of the Institute or not (against the provisions of the ACT, he is now more powerful than the ACT! )
  • Making a fool of himself by turning the institute into a circus, publishing notice of election, 24 hours to the election without mentioning the venue , nor mode of selection of “ the so called delegates “
  • That if it’s assumed  that there was no election since 2019  ( according to the judge that delivered the judgement)and all Council members were disqualified from contesting election  ( which is a violation of their fundamental human right as enshrined in the  Nigerian constitution) , some of those Council members  are now elected into the “ Council “, if that’s not abracadabra, please tell me what it is !
  • Ittu addressed himself as the Federal Government Printer ( FGP )  in all his press releases , thats an office in the Ministry,  it was on that basis that he was given the responsibility by the court . His office was served  a notice of appeal and stay of execution of the judgment, which was duly acknowledged and he ignored it, and went ahead to conduct election,  claiming he “ was not served “  at the level of being a director ! not a Clerk, o ! The Attorney General and his employer the Civil Service Commission must hear about this.

The whole  exercise was  orchestrated by “ strongholds “ to bring the institutional integrity that we cherish so much into disrepute and leave the industry perpetually under their control, that’s  why they kept quiet while all the shenanigan was going on.  

I have a message for them : posterity will judge you ! This  is the Industry that has blessed them so much and all they can GIVE BACK to the industry is chaos , you will not lose your “ reward“ .

The challenge before us is a trial of our resolve to institutionalize the  industry and we will not be cowed .
Thankfully, the court process that brought  about the judgement also makes provisions for appeal , other-wise our industry would have turned into a jungle.

Let it be known that on the 23rd of  September, we filed an appeal against the judgement which was obtained through lies . We have filed a stay of execution, all the charade that happened yesterday is therefore nullity until  the two filings are disposed of , we will continue with the mandate given to us in the open...

Your Council members will be meeting soon  to update you on other developments.

I remain your president.