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Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON)

Established by ACT 24 of 2007

Our Mission


Business Ecosystem for Profitability

The Chartered Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria (CIPPON) is charged with the duty of regulating, controlling, managing and administration of Printers, the business of printing and other printing related matters in Nigeria. As the regulator of the Nigerian print industry, this strategic framework is the working document of the Industry from 2019 -2021.

By law, it's illegal to patronise unlicensed printer. To authenticate a printer click here and enter the last 5 digit of the license number.
Cippon is not an association

An association is a voluntary group or an organisation affiliated with one another sharing common 

What CIPPON Is....

The regulatory body for all printing and printing related activities in Nigeria

What  is a regulatory body

A regulatory body is a government agency that is set up to exercise regulatory functions

Benefits of CIPPON

CIPPON gives you the right/license to practice as a printer or earn an income in the printing industry in Nigeria


Developing and attaining institutional integrity.
Fair and transparent government print procurement 
Ensuring Nigerian job remains in Nigeria.

Vibrant and skill workforce

Pursuance of Intervention fund and easy access to funding
Resuscitation of paper mills